Stefan Zivkovic


Ana Seslija


Strahinja Zivkovic


Isidora Ristovski


STUDIO NACRT is a group of highly educated interior and furniture designers with rich experience, who specialize in 3d modeling, 3d visualization and designing of interiors and furniture. While designing, we specially emphasize the role of details and carefully selected materials. We believe in the power of materials like stone, concrete, wood and glass, whose unique character defines the entire space that defies stereotypes. Timeless effect is also achieved by careful adjustments of lighting. It is one of the key aspects of every good project. We are able to control the lighting by creating various light moods for every area individually, according to the investor’s needs. The years of experience and challenges have helped us to develop the proven methodology of designing. This implies a constant need for studying the relations between form and function. Free thinking and deep understanding of designing processes help us to create an interesting, bold and original concept. Why do we appreciate simplicity? Because, as Leonardo Da Vinci once said – “Simplicity is ultimate sophistication.” We are minimalists who strongly believe in simple, but not necessarily easy solutions.

We offer interior solutions of private houses and flats, commercial spaces like stores, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels etc. We are able to provide a professional design solution, main project, 3d model, monitoring and conducting of the entire project.

Our goal is to constantly perfect our skills in the field of digital visualizations, in order to provide a high level of service in 3d industry and show your and our ideas as realistically as possible.